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Celebrating Meera Spillett: Gold Lifetime Achievement Award Winner at Social Worker of the Year

It’s a moment of pride and celebration at The Staff College as Meera Spillett, a trailblazer in social work and children’s services, has been awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award (Gold) at the Social Worker of the Year Awards. With an illustrious career spanning over 35 years, Meera has not only been at the forefront of initiatives that have shaped the landscape of social work but has also held various significant roles, including that of Director of Children’s Services. Her leadership and expertise have been instrumental in addressing the underrepresentation of black leaders in the social care sector. Meera’s written works, such as ‘Leading in Colour’, ‘Black Leaders Missing in Action’, and ‘Cultural Competence,’ have sparked essential conversations on race…

Can Government be more effective as the ‘first follower’?

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The Art of Change Making

‘The Art of Change Making’ is a collection of theories, approaches, tools and techniques for understanding the complex interactions between people and organisations and how to intervene to create meaningful change. These are used by current practitioners in developing systems leadership. The Art of Change Making

Tipping points and step changes

The first in a series of briefing papers from the VSC about the impact of succession planning in the regions. Tipping points and step changes