Women In Leadership

Seize the chance to engage and learn with women working in a variety of sectors and roles, drawn from different ethnicities, backgrounds and geographies and share experiences, perspectives.

Women in Leadership is about:

  • Providing a great opportunity to learn, develop and connect with a group of female leaders
  • Create safe and reflective spaces so that each of you can explore and develop your leadership potential, power, and preferences as female leaders
  • Working with you with integrity and compassion, so you are equipped and confident in helping achieve equity, inclusivity, and diversity across the leadership landscape
  • Embracing a learning culture by seeking out and sharing fresh thinking and innovative ‘rebel’ ideas to support your personal development and growth
  • Leaving a learning legacy of courageous, confident and inclusive female leaders

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Our aims and objectives – About YOU being and staying a more confident leader by:

  • Understanding the organisational landscape for women and the barriers to women’s leadership
    • Developing strategies for successfully dealing with these challenges
    • Equipping you with a better understanding of how you show up in the system, empowering you to carry out and lead change more effectively
    • Accelerating your organisation’s progress towards inclusion and diversity

Our leadership proposition:

‘Pursuing social change is more of an art than a science. There is no

fixed model. No curricula. No rules. No guarantee.

It’s about reading power. Building relationships. Framing issues.

Honing messages. Mobilising supporters. Bringing pressure to bear.

All of this in an increasingly complex, networked society in which

assumptions that held even a year ago no longer hold.’

Sue Tibballs, CEO, Sheila McKechnie Foundation

WIL Programme Themes

  • Strengthening women’s understanding, vision and contribution to leadership
  • Understanding your values and how these impact in work.
  • Gendered norms of leadership and how we manage these
  • Imposter Syndrome- what does it mean to us.
  • How to thrive and survive as female leaders in the current systems
  • Developing leadership which encourages inclusivity and empowerment

Our commitment to each other:

  • To deliver as agreed on the WiL programme’s core aspects
  • Model and be upfront about our key learning objectives
  • Invest in understanding current leadership context and share learning through our WiL quarterly update meetings
  • Recognise, value and use the breadth of skills/experience we each bring
  • Actively avoid ‘fixing’
  • Build in time for individual and collective reflection
  • Enable and encourage collective listening and learning
  • Appreciate it’s not about us: we’re not experts
  • Notice and be conscious of our own airtime.
  • Keep to our agreed times as facilitators
  • Be present throughout the programme
  • Commit to enabling everyone (facilitators and participants) to really gain from their time

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