About Our Programmes

The Staff College offer a range of Programmes as part of our Core Provision. Our training covers all you'll need to improve your leadership skills. Read about what we can do for you.

About BALI

The BALI programme was designed to explore the obstacles and barriers facing aspiring Global Majority leaders and give them the knowledge, skills and strategies to overcome them.

About WIL

The Women in Leadership Programme is designed to create a safe space for women to connect, share their experiences and learn how to strive and thrive as leaders in their own work places.

Associate Coaching Pool

A pool of associate colleagues supporting local authorities and other organisations in improving outcomes for children, young people and families through coaching and mentoring


Encouraging new and aspiring Directors of Children’s Services to become inspirational leaders and the positive change-makers the UK’s young people depend upon.

Project 2035

Research compiled over the last two years, by The Staff College, involving Chief Executives and Directors and young people from across the UK, has outlined four potential future scenarios for our children.

Bespoke Support

Direct delivery and facilitation of training and development programmes, workshops and action learning sets, supported by web-based resources and e-learning facilities.