Bespoke Support

The Staff College seeks to:

  • maintain a strong focus on developing current and future leaders
  • horizon scan and anticipate emerging challenges for local authorities and their partners
  • be instrumental in developing the “collective intelligence” of the children’s services community
  • respond to systemic and organisational changes in children’s services

The College provides direct delivery and facilitation of training and development programmes, workshops and action learning sets, supported by web-based resources and e-learning facilities. All of its programmes are rooted in participant co-construction, self-directed, peer supported learning and the principles of adult learning. They are delivered in a highly interactive format and involve a combination of sector expertise, research and the sharing of good practice. It has a history of successful partnership and consortium working with other providers including government departments, local authorities, private sector partners and institutes of higher education.

The College is increasingly being commissioned to design and deliver bespoke and co-constructed leadership development programmes for local authorities and their children’s services partners. It is also able to provide constructive and challenging facilitation in response to a variety of contexts and has significant experience of scenario planning methodology.

All of our leadership development programmes which have been developed over the past 10 years, are aimed specifically at senior and middle tier officers and, through these programmes, the College has made a genuine contribution to the transformation which many local authorities have undergone in order to achieve an organisational culture of continuous improvement. However, each authority is unique and our approach is always to develop bespoke solutions which are locally determined, working with teams and individuals to co-construct learning which builds capacity and produces sustainable frameworks for development. By working with the College, you will gain access to the latest leadership development approaches and principle thinkers in the system. All bespoke work is delivered through the College’s trading arm, VSC Plus Ltd, which is ISO9001 accredited.

This history of leadership development has resulted in the College becoming a highly respected organisation across the children’s services sector, which enjoys the trust and confidence of the children’s services community. As a result, we feel that we are particularly well placed to respond to the current and future leadership and management challenges facing local authorities.

If you are interested in working with the Staff College to develop bespoke leadership development for your organisation please contact us at [email protected] or telephone 0161 826 9450.

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