The Staff College Aims

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Our Aims

The Staff College has been established to support the development of leadership and management capacity in local authorities and their Children’s Trust partner organisations and, through this, contribute to the improvement of locality services for children, young people and families. Whilst acting as the CPD arm of ADCS, the Staff College will seek to:

  • develop current and future leaders
  • provide timely and appropriate CPD
  • horizon scan and anticipate emerging
  • support and lead on new developments
  • be instrumental in developing the
  • respond to systemic and organisational

Launched in July 1999, The Staff College, formally known as the Virtual Staff College (VSC), designs and organises professional development opportunities for those in principal and senior leadership positions in local authority children’s services, children’s trusts and partnership arrangements and advisors/practitioners working in the leadership, management and delivery of services for children, young people and families throughout the UK.
It provides direct delivery and facilitation of training and development programmes, workshops and action learning sets supported by online resources and technical web-based workshops. All of its leadership and management programmes are rooted in participant co-construction, self-directed, peer supported learning and the principles of adult learning. They are delivered in a highly interactive format and involve a combination of sector expertise, research and the sharing of good practice.
The Staff College has been centrally involved in the design, development and delivery of a number of national initiatives including:

  • design and delivery of the Aspirant DCS Programme (2011-present)
  • design and delivery of the Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (2012-present)
  • design and delivery of the Leadership for Change Programme (2013-2017)
  • the accountable body for the DCS Leadership Provision (2011-2015)
  • the DCS Leadership Provision at the National College (2009-2011)
  • the National Leadership Qualities Framework for Directors of Children’s Services (2010)

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