BALI Webinar – 26th January 2022

Intentionality: the year of your career: Not only is this the title of our first BALI network meeting, it’s our theme for 2022 for global majority leaders and our white allies. Find out what you can do in ‘22!

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29th November 2023

BALI Network Webinar – 29th November 2023
Getting to Joy ‘Black Trauma is discussed and accepted as a mental health matter and affects Global Majority people due to racist experiences both historical and current. What do we know about Black Joy and how can this change perspective. What makes you happy ? What brings you Joy? and is there a difference? This session is all about how we can find ‘our’ Joy even in adversity – Doing what we love and doing it regularly – can it really bring us Joy even when life throws us a curve ball? Let’s discuss this topic with Jasmine Nembhard-Francis TSC and BALI Associate at the BALI Webinar on 29th November 2023 12:30pm-2pm’ If you have any questions regarding this event,…

8th December 2023

New Directors – chat in the café – Friday 8th December 2023
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17th January 2024

BALI Network Webinar – 17th January 2024
The official re-launch of the BALI Network! Join Christine Wint (BALI Co-Lead Associate) and the Inclusive Team in celebrating the birthday of the BALI network! Since its creation 3 years ago, the BALI network has expanded to reach just over 600 registered members. We are celebrating with a relaunch of the Network! Through this relaunch, we aim to ensure we are: Catering to our audience, maintaining a safe space for all, implementing logistical improvements and increasing our network engagement. This session is an open forum for members to discuss what the future of this network looks like for them.

2nd February 2024

Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) 18 – Day 3 – Friday 2nd February 2024
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