Our Mission is to unite, engage, empower and elevate current and prospective BAME leaders. By raising awareness of challenges and to providing support to help overcome negative experiences. We will achieve this by providing members with access to mentoring, coaching and training to assist with continuous learning and growth.

Our Vision is to engage, empower and elevate the true potential of all BAME aspirant and serving leaders. We will achieve this by educating, collaborating, and creating opportunities through our partners and allies.

Our Values

Leadership – inspiring, holistic thinking, participative and emergent.

Diversity– embracing, respecting and acceptance of difference, valuing individual heritages, traditions and cultures.

Unity– Working together to strive for excellence in our practice as leaders of today and tomorrow.

Inclusive– a work environment that makes every employee feel valued while also acknowledging their differences and how these differences contribute to the organisation’s culture and business outcomes

Join the Network

The BALI Network has been created to support colleagues that took part in BALI programme, Global Majority professionals and allies. The keys values of the network are leadership, diversity, unity and inclusivity.

The BALI Network is important addressing the under-representation of people of colour within the senior leadership  in Children Services and other public sector agencies.

We very much hope that the BALI Network will be a driving force in encouraging new BAME people into the sector, creating new opportunities and highlighting to employers the need to fully support the development and promotion of BAME professionals.

The BALI  Network is free to join and open to all existing BALI members . As the network evolves and grows we recognise we will need support from those staff who are not BAME nor have they completed the BALI programme.  We would encourage Allies to join, help, advocate and support the cause.

Welcome Note

I am proud to introduce the BALI network.  Leadership of public services is at its strongest when it is diverse, representing the communities it serves. It should concern us all that Black and Asian leaders continue to be significantly under-represented in senior leadership roles . The range of individuals who have been through our BALI programme show that this is not about lack of talent but a continued struggle to overcome obstacles put in the their way. Those who have made it, act as inspiration.

The Staff College has put a spotlight on systemic barriers and personal attitudes and beliefs which still prevail.  The presence of this network marks the next step in our enduring focus on supporting our Black and Asian leaders to achieve the professional success they have worked so hard to achieve.  This network is for all black and white colleagues who want to see clear change in the diversity of leadership at all levels of Children’s Services and who are prepared to work to achieve this, together.

Jane Parfrement Chief Executive of The Staff College

Story of BALI

Three people designed the Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI): Patrick Scott who worked for the predecessor organisation that is now The Staff College; Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE who is now a freelance international consultant and coach on leadership, following her role as Principal for the National College for Educational Leadership in the Ministry of Education, Jamaica and me (Meera).

Rosemary was an associate with the National College for School Leadership in the UK and I had, due to long term health issues, retired from my role as Director of Children’s Services. I have over 35 years’ experience in local government and was an HMI in the London region.

Meera SpillettCreator of BALI, The Staff College Associate

BALI Ambassador Testimonial – Sam Hines

I was encouraged to attend the Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) by my line manager for a few years prior to me actually attending. In hindsight I wish I had attended earlier, as I found the programme was one of the most inspirational events I have attended.

Until BALI I’d not attended an event where it was exclusively for professionals from the Black and Asian Community, so to be around a group of other professionals from Senior level upwards from my community was just amazing and celebratory in itself.

The 2 day conference was led by Meera Spillett and Saj Zafar who both inspired me beyond words from where they both started, the challenges they have faced and their amazing accomplishments I  am so honoured to have been a part of this particular Cohort.

Since attending BALI it has given me the tools and confidence to apply for roles outside of the organisation. I am now proud to be part of the BALI Networking Group where we aim to keep the drive and initiative going forward and growing as it does so.

Sam HinesSenior Manager Young Peoples Services

BALI Ambassador Testimonial – Henrietta Delalu

I was introduced to the BALI programme by my mentor and BALI alumni. He shared his experience being on the BALI programme. He told me how he had found the programme to be elevating and inspiring. It provided a platform that helped him propel his career to greater heights. I successfully participated in the 2019 BALI programme and experienced similar. I felt inspired, energised, and was privileged to meet so many like-minded people. BALI for me represents the beginning of a new journey in my career but also as a black woman with so much potential and opportunity to influence strategic change that impact on the BAME community. I am so proud to be part of the BALI Network.

 I am a highly driven, motivated senior manager. I have worked in the statutory sector since 2000.  I have extensive skills, knowledge and experience in strategic planning, project management, operational and performance management, service development, service delivery and the implementation of transformation and change programmes. I have worked as a Social Worker, Team Manager and as a Service Manager in Safeguarding, Children in Care, Adoption and Permanence. I am also an adopter with a passion for influencing change and improving service provision for BAME children and their adoptive families.

Henrietta DelaluMScs Social Work, BA Social Policy & Management

BALI Ambassador Testimonial – Nadine Boyne

I am a highly ambitious social work practitioner, supervisor and leader having worked across several London boroughs over a 13-year period. I was intrigued about the Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) course when I saw it advertised and could immediately see the potential value as a new senior manager in 2018. For me, the course provided an abundance of inspiration, validation, encouragement and focus as a Black Social Work Leader. Being able to speak candidly with others who looked like me, about experiences and aspirations was incredibly empowering. 

After the course, I was motivated to really identify, develop, and enhance my gift and passion for personal and professional development which was the element of the Principal Social Worker role that I absolutely loved. I have since been able to focus in and flourish in this area for myself and others in both my professional role and passion role as a certified development coach.

I am extremely proud to be a BALI ambassador and look forward to helping others in the network along their journeys to excellence!

Nadine BoyneProfessional Development Manager and Coach


27th September 2023

BALI Network Webinar – 27th September 2023
If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Inclusive Leadership Team Join Foundations, the What Works Centre for Children and Families, to explore what evidence and practice leaders can do to tackle racial disparities for families in England.  Building on Foundations’ recent work to understand the experience of family support services by minority ethnic families and the local public service response, this session will share insights from local areas and facilitate discussion about how leaders can take action to meet the needs of local communities, build workforce skills and culture, and use evidence to drive change.

29th September 2023

Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) 17 – Day 3 – Friday 29th September 2023
If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Inclusive Leadership Team

25th October 2023

BALI Network Webinar – 25th October 2023
If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Inclusive Leadership Team

8th November 2023

Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) 18 – Residential – Wednesday 8th – Thursday 9th November 2023
Applications currently open, If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Inclusive Leadership Team

29th November 2023

BALI Network Webinar – 29th November 2023
If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Inclusive Leadership Team

2nd February 2024

Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) 18 – Day 3 – Friday 2nd February 2024
If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Inclusive Leadership Team