Our Mission is to unite, engage, empower and elevate current and prospective Global Majority leaders. We aim to achieve this by educating, collaborating, and creating opportunities through our partners and allies. The BALI Network is free to join and open to all, our only request is you agree to the house rules and align with our values below. The BALI Network Webinars are on the last Wednesday of every month 12:30pm – 2pm.


24th April 2024

BALI Network Webinar: Strategies to harness and leverage personal power with Morvia Gooden
None of us operate in neutral spaces, and each of us bring elements of ourselves by choice, in every given situation. We respond or not, to situations as part of our socialisation, lived experience, upbringing, influences around us and personal learning. That which we give meaning to and implement matters in how we and others see and experience us. In this session we will explore the concepts and notions of power and how they inform our practise with strategies to harness and leverage your personal power. Let’s together explore what this means for us individually and collectively operating within a system

29th May 2024

BALI Network Webinar: Defining compassionate leadership or is it leading with compassion facilitated by Chris Murray
Through this session, we aim to explore the approaches to compassionate leadership through the lens of the Global Majority and allies. *Global Majority – refers to people who are Black, Asian, Arab, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south. We recognise people will identify with a plethora of terms, we at TSC use Global Majority due to its all-inclusive and powerful statement of who we are collectively. We therefore see the term Global Majority as an antidote to potentially negative and disempowering terminology normally associated with minoritised groups.
Our Values

Leadership: inspiring, holistic thinking, participative and emergent.

Diversity: embracing, respecting and acceptance of difference, valuing individual heritages, traditions and cultures.

Unity: Working together to strive for excellence in our practice as leaders of today and tomorrow.

Inclusive: a work environment that makes every employee feel valued while also acknowledging their differences and how these differences contribute to the organisation’s culture and business outcomes

Welcome Note

I am proud to introduce the BALI network.  Leadership of public services is at its strongest when it is diverse, representing the communities it serves. It should concern us all that Black and Asian leaders continue to be significantly under-represented in senior leadership roles . The range of individuals who have been through our BALI programme show that this is not about lack of talent but a continued struggle to overcome obstacles put in the their way. Those who have made it, act as inspiration.

The Staff College has put a spotlight on systemic barriers and personal attitudes and beliefs which still prevail.  The presence of this network marks the next step in our enduring focus on supporting our Black and Asian leaders to achieve the professional success they have worked so hard to achieve.  This network is for all black and white colleagues who want to see clear change in the diversity of leadership at all levels of Children’s Services and who are prepared to work to achieve this, together.

Jane Parfrement Chief Executive of The Staff College

Story of BALI

Three people designed the Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI): Patrick Scott who worked for the predecessor organisation that is now The Staff College; Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE who is now a freelance international consultant and coach on leadership, following her role as Principal for the National College for Educational Leadership in the Ministry of Education, Jamaica and me (Meera).

Rosemary was an associate with the National College for School Leadership in the UK and I had, due to long term health issues, retired from my role as Director of Children’s Services. I have over 35 years’ experience in local government and was an HMI in the London region.

Meera SpillettCreator of BALI, The Staff College Associate

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