Anonymous: Covid-19 Learnings & Predictions

I’m sure you’d agree that our weeks and months in lockdown have been a challenge.

We’ve all had our trials, but the one thing that’s common between us is that we’ve learned. Learned how to adapt. Learned how to cope. And learned how to remain optimistic.

Some of us have had to learn quicker—our incredible key workers.

Here, we share comments from a Secondary Academy Head who wishes to remain anonymous about what they’ve learned and what they predict for the future of Children’s Services when some kind of normality is restored.

Things I’ve learned

  1. When facing difficulties, the people who can best deliver are within the organisation, not without
  2. When told the critical information you need from the DfE will be sent “next week,” that means midnight on Friday
  3. There is no correlation between salary and competence
  4. Following the science isn’t… and there is a magic money tree after all
  5. Without trust, we are nothing

My predictions for the future

  1. The siren calls to do what is needed to address the gaps in the educational performance of disadvantaged youngsters will fade
  2. The intergenerational agreement that underpins any society will be placed under strain
  3. Remote learning will not be seen as a bolt-on
  4. Accountability measures will change, but they will still be controversial
  5. Access to communications technology will be seen as fundamental as paper and pencil

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