Women In Leadership

Women’s rights, gender equality and social norms have been the subject of much national and international debate in recent months; not least in terms of the gender pay gap and the lack of female representation on boards.

Research evidence shows that whilst women make up over half the population when it comes to Local authorities, one third of councillors in the UK are women, and while women make up three quarters of the local government workforce, most are employed in junior roles and middle management, concentrated in sectors like caring and support services with very few in top positions.

When we drill down further it is noticeable that there has been an increase of women in senior leadership roles when it comes to Children Services. While it is encouraging to see such positive pockets of progress with more councils adopting a diverse approach to recruitment and leadership development, a look at the overall representation of women and ethnic groups shows that there’s still progress to be made.

A recent report by GreenPark shows that there has been very limited progress for women at Top 20 level in Unitary Authorities and County Councils and a fall in the number of women in senior management positions in Metropolitan Boroughs and London Boroughs.

Despite the prevailing climate, at a time when public scrutiny and trust is volatile, Local Authorities have an even greater responsibility now, not only to meet the demands of their communities, but also to better reflect them from a diversity and inclusion perspective.

Women face a unique set of challenges when progressing into senior leadership positions, including unconscious bias, a scarcity of role models, and a peer group that continually shrinks the more senior they become. These can make striving for the top a lonely and frustrating endeavour even in organisations or sectors with the best intentions to support their top female talent.

Women rarely have an opportunity to come together and share their leadership experiences in a learning environment that has direct relevance and personal impact.

The Women in Leadership Programme is designed to create a safe space for women to connect, share their experiences and learn how to strive and thrive in their own work places.

There are some key issues that affects every woman along the path of her career. No matter how senior or technically brilliant she may be, there is evidence which shows that her internal blockers will hinder her progression as much as organisational influences and cultural mind-sets.

The Programme helps to address some of these issues that affect all females by providing a forum that considers the unique challenges women encounter. It creates a network of today’s women leaders.

Whilst no-one can actually physically or psychologically ’empower’ women, nevertheless, if provided with the right tools they then can harness their existing strengths. and experience, and the impetus and encouragement to achieve far more than their potential.

The Women In Leadership Programme design, content, format and style of delivery goes beyond the usual leadership training courses. It provides a safe place for women to engage, interact, learn, take risks and undergo a transformational experience, leaving them with confidence and gravitas which goes beyond the life of the programme.

This is a two-day residential programme, with each module acting as a building block. The course is for all women professionals, managers or directors who want to develop and progress in their career; it gives an opportunity to work with a group of women experiencing similar challenges.

It aims to develop further understanding and insight into leadership and management, and equips women with the skills and confidence to apply these in current and future roles.

Every session design is interactive, with a blend of theory, open discussion, personal reflection, and action planning. The content is packed with useful techniques that can immediately be put into practice in the workplace.


Programme Themes

The programme will consider the external challenges facing women leaders today:

  • How to survive and thrive as leaders within the current systems
  • Strengthening women’s vision and their contribution to leadership
  • Developing leadership which encourages inclusivity and empowerment
  • Understanding women power types
  • Understanding personal values
  • Communicating with confidence and raising your profile to those who matter
  • Communication: speaking powerfully, questioning effectively, listening for potential, feeding back to feed forward
  • Work life balance – managing competing demands


This is a brand new offer from the College and the first cohort will help us to refine the content and we will be seeking feedback from participants for each session.



7th – 8th November 2019 – Birmingham – FULLY BOOKED

26th – 27th November 2019 – London – FULLY BOOKED



21st – 22nd January 2020 – Leeds


If demand is high, further dates are planned for Manchester, Newcastle and London in 2020.


Cost: £595 (+VAT) – includes dinner and accommodation.


15% discount for subscribing authorities

5% discount for BALI Alumni