Leadership and Governance

The Staff College, formally known as the Virtual Staff College (VSC), has a core central team of dedicated programme/project management professionals, supported by a range of partners and associates with a variety of specialisms. The organisation’s primary aims are to:

  • contribute positively towards sector intelligence and sector-led improvement
  • identify professional development needs across senior leadership teams
  • design & develop relevant leadership development programmes and opportunities                                    to meet these needs
  • ensure that all programmes are of exceptional quality
  • provide access to the latest leadership development thinking
  • promote professional development in the workplace

A national board has been appointed to support the College, which is comprised of members of education and children’s services drawn from the Council of ADCS and its membership, together with ADES and ADEW and other critical partner organisations from across the system.

Currently membership of the College Board is:

Lucy Butler (Chair) Director West Sussex County Council
Jo Davidson Director Principal of The Staff College
Kate Evan-Hughes Director ADEW Representative
Sue Cook Director Suffolk County Council
Milorad Vasic Director Halton Borough Council
Michael Wood Director ADES Representative
Dez Holmes Observer Research in Practice
Sarah Caton Board advisor ADCS Representative
Vacancy Co-opted
Vacancy Director
Vacancy Co-opted
Vacancy Director
David Tilbrook Company Secretary The Staff College

Since all the leadership development programmes designed and delivered by the College are guided by a strong design principle of co-construction, The Staff College Board plays a critical role in this, given that it is made up of key voices from the sector. The Board is consulted on all major new initiatives and is asked to provide advice on appropriate ‘direction of travel’ and apply appropriate scrutiny to decisions.