Core Provision

This element of the Staff College’s work is aimed at providing professional and practical support to the public sector in general and the children’s services community in particular through the design and delivery of national cross-sector programmes, national initiatives and liaison with local and central government.

This core work on behalf of the children’s services community of practice sits at the centre of the College’s activities and, although often less visible than other elements of its provision, does reflect the fundamental commitment of the College to supporting the development of leadership capacity in local authority provision for improving outcomes for children, young people and families.

Over the past four years the College’s commitment to cross-sector leadership provision has meant that new and often innovative opportunities for leadership development have become more readily available to the children’s services community at both Director and Assistant Director level. Furthermore, as integrated working across health and social care becomes more prevalent, there will be an increased need for those in senior leadership roles to embrace and nurture a more outward facing style of working.

“Transforming services is hard. Organisations across the public, voluntary and private sectors are coming together to find new solutions to seemingly intractable problems by radically transforming their approach to services in their area. But whether they are tackling alcohol abuse or supporting people with dementia, their success is being determined by people and culture.”

(from ‘The Revolution will be Improvised – stories and insights about transforming systems’, Leadership for Change)