Bespoke Support

Public services are constantly under pressure to develop new and innovative responses to increasing demands. For example, preparing young people for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that have not been invented, in order to solve problems that we don’t yet know about. Restructuring and efficiencies alone will not be sufficient in themselves to deliver robust and sustainable future provision. What is required is significant transformation and culture change both within individual organisations and across systems if the public sector is to be fit for purpose in the coming years. This requirement is not unique or confined to children’s services and requires organisational  intelligence which stems from mature leadership and a clearly articulated  sense of purpose.

The Staff College works extensively with individual local authorities and across regional partnerships in response to a range of diverse commissions, including social care, safeguarding, school improvement and health and wellbeing. It undertakes bespoke design of programmes and events, as well as taking responsibility for their delivery and facilitation. Its work is rooted in the principles of participant co-construction, self-direction, peer supported learning and the principles of adult learning. Programmes and events are delivered in a highly interactive format and involve a combination of sector expertise, leadership provocation, research and, drawing on national and international examples, the sharing of good and innovative practice.

Much of what the College does is aimed specifically at senior and middle tier leadership and, it believes that, through these programmes, it has made a genuine contribution to the transformation which many local authorities have undergone in order to achieve an organisational culture fit for the complex and challenging context within which they operate.

However, each authority and locality is unique and the College’s approach is always to develop bespoke solutions, which are locally determined, working with teams and individuals to co-construct learning which builds capacity and produces sustainable frameworks for development. By working with the Staff College, you will gain access to the latest leadership development approaches and principle thinkers from across the public sector in the UK and beyond.

All bespoke work is delivered through the College’s trading arm, VSC Plus Ltd, which is ISO9001 accredited.