Using area school partnerships to promote equity in education: case studies of practice

With the support of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, The Staff College has commissioned a research team from the University of Manchester to carry out a study of school partnerships in England. The research will look specifically at the conditions that support the establishment and sustainability of such arrangements, as well as the facilitators and barriers to their effectiveness. 

As part of this project, we are looking to generate a list of area-based school partnerships from which the research team will select a small number of case studies to explore in depth. It is our understanding that whilst many of these partnerships involve schools within particular local authority areas, others are more regionally focused.

To help us in the initial phase, the research team has developed a short survey for senior local authority personnel to help identify school partnerships that they might invite to participate in the study.

Interested? If so, the survey, can be found at: Area-based school partnerships-scoping survey

The survey is completely anonymous and should not take longer than five minutes to complete.

Please note that the closing date for responses is May 30th.