Topic: BALI

BALI Network Webinar: Defining compassionate leadership or is it leading with compassion facilitated by Chris Murray

Through this session, we aim to explore the approaches to compassionate leadership through the lens of the Global Majority and allies. *Global Majority – refers to people who are Black, Asian, Arab, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south. We recognise people will identify with a plethora of terms, we at TSC use Global Majority due to its all-inclusive and powerful statement of who we are collectively. We therefore see the term Global Majority as an antidote to potentially negative and disempowering terminology normally associated with minoritised groups.

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BALI Network Webinar: Strategies to harness and leverage personal power with Morvia Gooden

None of us operate in neutral spaces, and each of us bring elements of ourselves by choice, in every given situation. We respond or not, to situations as part of our socialisation, lived experience, upbringing, influences around us and personal learning. That which we give meaning to and implement matters in how we and others see and experience us. In this session we will explore the concepts and notions of power and how they inform our practise with strategies to harness and leverage your personal power. Let’s together explore what this means for us individually and collectively operating within a system

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BALI Network Webinar: Personal Development Planning with Jeffrey Wotherspoon

This 90-minute interactive session centres around crafting your Personal Development Plan to enhance your career growth. The aim is to heighten your awareness of your skills, provide a clear sense of direction, and empower you to adopt a proactive stance in steering your career. Additionally, the session delves into alternative career development strategies beyond traditional progress and promotion, recognising that these approaches may not always align with individuals’ preferences or circumstances.

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BALI Network Webinar: Network Re-Launch

The official re-launch of the BALI Network! Join Christine Wint (BALI Co-Lead Associate) and the Inclusive Team in celebrating the birthday of the BALI network! Since its creation 3 years ago, the BALI network has expanded to reach just over 600 registered members. We are celebrating with a relaunch of the Network! Through this relaunch, we aim to ensure we are: Catering to our audience, maintaining a safe space for all, implementing logistical improvements and increasing our network engagement. This session is an open forum for members to discuss what the future of this network looks like for them.

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Celebrating Meera Spillett: Gold Lifetime Achievement Award Winner at Social Worker of the Year

It’s a moment of pride and celebration at The Staff College as Meera Spillett, a trailblazer in social work and children’s services, has been awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award (Gold) at the Social Worker of the Year Awards. With an illustrious career spanning over 35 years, Meera has not only been at the forefront of initiatives that have shaped the landscape of social work but has also held various significant roles, including that of Director of Children’s Services. Her leadership and expertise have been instrumental in addressing the underrepresentation of black leaders in the social care sector. Meera’s written works, such as ‘Leading in Colour’, ‘Black Leaders Missing in Action’, and ‘Cultural Competence,’ have sparked essential conversations on race

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Just Home: Leading in Colour

We are proud to announce the release of our latest publication, “Just Home”. This briefing is powerfully centred around global majority children in care, their lives, their traumas, their needs, and their life-chances. The stark realities are alarming: black children are over-represented in the care system, wait longer for adoption than white children, and are least likely to achieve the lifetime stability and permanency of a loving family through adoption. “Just Home” serves to challenge these bleak statistics and seeks to inspire enduring policy and practice changes for children. Through our partnership with Adoption East Midlands and its partner local authorities, we have been able to challenge these sobering facts and seek solutions. “Just Home” is our shared story –

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