The Staff College Prospectus

Click on the link at the bottom of the page to download the latest prospectus.


What we offer

We have on line resources, run national development programmes and offer bespoke support at a regional, organisational and individual level. You will find examples of the work we do in the prospectus as well as our programmes and we are always interested in supporting regions or individual organisations in helping to work through the leadership challenges facing them through a co-produced facilitated approach. So if you have an idea you want to explore, get in contact.


Further development

We work very closely with the sector to shape our leadership development for senior leaders. During this year, we will be developing further what the College does, through close dialogue with Directors of Children’s Services and other colleagues.



The College is funded entirely through subscription and payments for the work it does. We have worked hard to keep our costs low, and we have no share-holders or profits to make. It helps us if local authorities or regions take out subscriptions and it helps you and your team because you get access to more resources, you get some free places, money off various programmes and some benefits from the Royal Society of Arts.


By taking out a subscription, you are also giving a commitment to strong leadership development for children’s services leaders now and for future generations. Details of how to do that are in the prospectus.