South West SEND Leaders Sponsor Form

South West SEND Leaders Sponsor Form

  • Section 1: Sponsor Details

    Please tick the box to confirm that you are the applicant’s Director, line manager or other appropriate senior colleague
  • Section 2: Supporting your nominee through the programme

    Please tick the box to agree your support for the above-named nominee to complete the full programme over the duration of five months, attending all programme dates
  • By submitting this sponsor nomination form you are confirming that you are prepared to support your applicant in their initial application and throughout the programme.

    What happens next?

    Following your submission, the above-named applicant will be notified that their application is now complete. We will inform applicants of the outcomes of their applications week commencing 31st August.

    Please note that once you have clicked submit below, you cannot return to this page to make any further changes. If you are happy to submit your answers, please proceed by clicking below: