Sarah Clein

Hi, I’m Sarah Clein and I really enjoy the work that I do with The Staff College as part of the coaching pool, and more recently co-facilitating the Inspiring Women into Leadership programme.

I grew up in Liverpool in a small Jewish community where I was educated until I was 18. That experience has left me curious about what belonging, and community means, as well as given me a passion about inclusion.

My public sector career started in 1993 when I set out as a volunteer in my local health promotion unit, before going on to work on public health programmes for children and young people, working in education as an advisory teacher for personal, social health education where I developed policies and delivered training for schools, social care and youth service workers.

In 2001, I was seconded to work as a civil servant, where I was responsible for drug prevention policy, including the development of a national drugs helpline and campaign. I left government and worked in the NHS within public health where I was responsible for children and young people’s services, both commissioning and transformation.

My interest in what helps populations be healthy and stay healthy has endured, as has my frustration and sadness at the ongoing health inequalities that impact on so many communities, particularly post pandemic.

As part of my last senior role in local government, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Aspirant DCS programme, which was my first introduction to the Staff College.

I originally trained and practiced as a counsellor, volunteering for a mental health charity for four years working with a range of clients.

I worked as a volunteer mentor as part of leadership roles in the NHS and local government and retrained as a coach in 2019, having had some brilliant coaching as part of a leadership programme at work.

Since 2019 I have had my own coaching practice where I work with midlife public sector women to help them find their midlife mojo so that they can lead with passion or leave with a plan. I also work as an associate coach, as well as facilitator, with public sector leaders.

I am passionate about working with midlife women to help them stay within the sector to be strong allies for other women in their organisations and to be vibrant and healthy role models of what professional midlife can look like.

When I’m not working, I am usually ferrying around or feeding my teenage children and various pets. I have been a school governor for the last ten years, working in both primary and secondary school governing bodies. I have written and self-published a couple of short stories and also paint and occasionally exhibit and sell my work.