VSC Leadership and Performance Analysis Summary Report

This is the summary report of the data analytics work that has been undertaken to help understand the impact of leadership development in children’s services.

To support the VSCs strategic planning process and to understand the nature of the impact the programmes are having, Deloitte as the Strategic Partner has used an approach to analysing available data on children’s services performance along with programme activity and engagement data. The approach allows a focus on understanding the behaviour and activity that drive a particular measure or indicator. In a context of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity it promotes greater confidence in strategic and forward planning.

The summary report includes information relating to six themes:

  • Regional variation in engagement;
  • Overall engagement with the DCS and Aspirant DCS programmes;
  • The relationship between engagement with the DCS and Aspirant DCS programmes and authority performance;
  • Engagement of intervention authorities with the DCS and Aspirant DCS programmes;
  • Engagement with Succession Planning; and
  • Engagement with Mentor Plus.

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