The Virtual Staff College

Now, more than ever in recent history, we turn to our incredible public services for help and support. Our duty is to help them in return, in any way we can.

The truth is, that when one part of our family of services is fighting, we all join that fight. Self-isolation and our recent ‘lockdown’ status puts pressure on us,  families, and inevitably, children. It also brings out the best in people, and the changes we have seen in recent days have been uplifting during a period of significant anxiety and, sadly, grief.

We’re proud of all our members and alumni and the great work they are doing. However, we know that during this difficult period we can do more to help across the system, not just now but also during the next stages of the pandemic and beyond. Because there will be a beyond. 

That support begins here, on our social media channels. We want to champion those who are showing great leadership, doing great work, sharing your stories of the way people, teams and communities are rising to the challenge. We want to do this to share learning and to bring joy into your social media feeds. If that’s you, or someone you know, where ever it is in your system, please get in touch or tag us in 

We’re also working on something special that we hope many of you will join us for – our first virtual learning experience, launching in April. It promises to be something we can truly look forward to, with two amazing sessions already confirmed. 

Watch out soon for some ‘islands of sanity’ spaces for people to come and hang out in – more on this shortly.

For these reasons, we’re taking a trip down memory lane, temporarily reinstating ourselves as the ‘Virtual Staff College’. 

Many of you will know that name already, and we thought there couldn’t be a more fitting time for its return. 

We can’t wait to hear all of your incredible stories and hope to ‘virtually’ see you all soon.

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