Scenario workshop write up Future Directors Programme Cohort 1

The output report from a scenario planning exercise that took place at the End of Programme Seminar for the first Cohort of the Future Directors Programme. The scenario sketches included within the report set out three different world-views and capture the views and learning from the different groups who worked together on the day. The sketches are best used to stimulate discussion and debate. They are a basis to work from and can be enriched over time, with the results from different groups who choose to undertake a scenario planning exercise. Post workshop, delegates can now use these scenarios with colleagues to think about the following questions:

  • What do you like and dislike about each world described?
  • Which of the scenarios seemed most plausible?
  • Which of these worlds do you think our community expects us to be planning for?
  • What actions are now required by the following groups if we are to achieve or avoid any elements of the world views described: i) government; ii) the council; iii) community groups; iv) the business community?

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