We are proud to announce the release of our latest publication, “Just Home”. This briefing is powerfully centred around global majority children in care, their lives, their traumas, their needs, and their life-chances.

The stark realities are alarming: black children are over-represented in the care system, wait longer for adoption than white children, and are least likely to achieve the lifetime stability and permanency of a loving family through adoption. “Just Home” serves to challenge these bleak statistics and seeks to inspire enduring policy and practice changes for children.

Through our partnership with Adoption East Midlands and its partner local authorities, we have been able to challenge these sobering facts and seek solutions. “Just Home” is our shared story – a testament to our collective passion, purpose, and power.

The publication is not just a conversation, but a challenge. We believe it’s time to recognise barriers and identify solutions for global majority children in the care system, now and in the future. “Just Home” shares our learnings not just from adoption, but across the care continuum including fostering, kinship care, and special guardianship.

We invite you to be part of this change, to use your voice to demand better and your agency to create better. Let’s stand together to ensure that every child, irrespective of their race, finds their forever home with a unique loving family.

Download your copy of “Just Home” today and join us in championing change for children in care.

Just Home: Leading in Colour

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