WIL Network


WIL is a collaborative campaign to accelerate gender diversity in Public sector organisations. Our ambition is to engage women and men as ‘agents of change’ for the campaign. We create opportunities for organisations and individuals to engage, learn and promote their achievements as campaign champions and advocates. Transforming the culture of organisations by recognising, connecting, championing & celebrating women in the workplace.


We are a supportive community offering value to women in the Public Sector who are wishing to advance their careers, develop professionally and personally, and widen their network.

What WIL network offers:

  • An opportunity to engage and collaborate with accomplished and forward-thinking individuals from diverse sectors and backgrounds.
  • A platform enabling members to strengthen their connections, grow their networks and share knowledge.
  • Access to a high quality, influential and secure network where you can leverage leadership forums, professional development programmes and personal development seminars/workshops that contribute to helping women to progress in their roles.
  • The offering of topical professional and personal development events, as well as opportunities for information sharing to support your continuous progression.
  • A professional platform which we use purposefully to mobilise and stimulate debate on issues that matter to our members, to advance their interests in the workplace.
  • To offer an opportunity to strengthen the chain of female leadership by initiating and collaborating on activity to address gender and diversity imbalance for the benefit of our members in the Public Sector, and wider society.

Individual Membership  

We look forward to welcoming new members to the Network. Please refer to the membership criteria and application process below.

Membership Criteria

WIL Network is not status-driven. Our members are women who are committed to playing a proactive role in our Public Sector Community and the WIL ethos, that reflects and is aligned with our strategy, purpose and values.

Our members are experienced women who flourish and thrive by making connections, building relationships and creating influence, and by coming together to help each other to be the best that they can be.

By joining us you will belong to a network of inspiring women who have a clear sense of purpose, who regularly meet as a collective to be curious, to learn, share and explore new boundaries. We are driven by a mind-set and culture of inclusion and well-being. As WIL members, we seek to support and unlock all talent, including the development of emerging talent, and celebrating what makes each of us diverse and unique whilst being our true selves.

To join the WIL network, please fill in the form below:

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