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A note to our long-standing members: As the Network has expanded over the years and has now reached more than 600 members, we have decided to relaunch the network so we can ensure we are: catering to our audience, maintaining a safe space for all, implementing logistical improvements and increasing our network engagement. We would like to alert you that all previous membership data will be deleted so please renew your membership via the form below, otherwise, your existing membership will no longer be valid and will no longer have access to our webinars.

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As part of our continuous commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we process the below data anonymously to get a an accurate representation of the various ethnicities within the Network.
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  • – The Network is welcome to all
  • – Respect and Trust – we respect each other, we trust that things said by individuals do not get reported to their organisation – Chatham House
  • – Understand that we will be in different places in our thinking
  • – Be curious and in a learning space together
  • – Speak sincerely and honestly, we’d like to hear from all
  • – Challenge is fine in a way you would want for yourself
  • – We do not record our sessions, you will get copies of most presentations
  • – Working together we can achieve more, fulfil our potential and support each other on our individual journeys

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