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Why Middle Management is the Hardest Job | Simon Sine

The middle management team is stuck between strategic and tactical thinking – they’re the translator between the two. Things break when we don’t train people how to lead OR the senior leadership’s focus isn’t aligned with the people below them. Why Middle Management is the Hardest Job | Simon Sinek – YouTube

Courageous Conversations about Race

Does language shape the way we think and ultimately how we behave, as public leaders? How can you start to see leadership models through the lens of different cultures? Where do you get your knowledge and does what you are taught result in a fixed notion of what leadership looks like, with leaders never really bringing their whole selves to work? Who is – the global majority? Introducing a three episode podcast “Courageous conversations about Race” where the host, Sherry Malik asks these and other questions. She is talking to three amazing women – Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE, consultant, speaker, coach and author, Kathryn Perera, Director of NHS Horizons, and Jo Davidson, Principal of The Staff College. Together, they are exploring…

Leadership in a Time of Crisis

COVID-19 will not only change our way of life, it will hasten the arrival of a radical new future of work. While for many of us working from home has been a new and unexpected challenge – that is just the start of a much bigger transformation set to reshape the nature of business itself. Leadership in a time of crisis – YouTube

Adapting to the Rise of Authoritarianism: A Conversation with Audrey Tang | 2020 Oslo Freedom Forum

Authoritarianism is on the rise globally – but one resilient country has learned how to push back. In this conversation with Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang, learn how Taiwan is protecting its young democracy using transparency, innovation, and open governance. Adapting to the Rise of Authoritarianism: A Conversation with Audrey Tang | 2020 Oslo Freedom Forum – YouTube

Simon Sinek on Empathetic Leadership

Simon Sinek with “Empathy – Best Speech of All Time”

Remembering Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson was not only a passionate educator and gifted communicator. He was a believer in the power of every person’s unique gifts, a committed humanist who knew that our world would be better when we create space for all individuals’—especially children’s—talents to flourish.