Kathryn Perera

Kathryn Perera will lead a virtual session in collaboration with the Staff College, drawing on her experience as a Director in the NHS, a Community Organiser and a change agent:

As we move through a period of radical and global upheaval, we find ourselves often feeling unprepared for what we collectively face. Some of us are able to use our current challenges to become bigger versions of ourselves; more creative, more connected, more effective than ever before. Others find that we become smaller versions of ourselves: more afraid, angry, or perhaps less helpful than before. And for many, both these responses are present at different times, often pulling our energies in opposite directions.

In this session, we will explore how we grow ourselves to evolve faster than the challenges we face. We’ll look at some of the most important, evidence-based methods for developing our own capacity to think more expansively and creatively as leaders. And we will discuss what this means for those we lead: how do we support others to develop the “inner skills” they need to thrive during this most challenging time?