12th November 2020
Margaret Heffernan’s Book Club

To register for this event, please access the link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/122218208953

Join us for Margaret Heffernan’s book club on:

Children’s Services in the Covid-19 world: disentangling the complicated from the complex and why that matters?

It’s always tempting to try predict what the future might hold then plan and prepare our services accordingly. How many strategic, corporate and children’s services plans have we seen in our careers? – laminated, predetermined plans for the future! However, if we’ve learned anything from recent times it’s that the future is uncertain and hidden. The best way to prepare, Heffernan contends, is to quit our ‘prediction addiction’ and for us all to become creative participants in shaping the future.

In this thought provoking session, Margaret will prompt us to explore the complex, messy and relational aspects of the system we work in and how we might become more ‘creative participants’ in leading and shaping the future of children’s services. This session offers both reflection on our practice and practical hope for everyone struggling to make sense of an uncertain future.

We encourage you to consider buying Uncharted however you don’t have to read the book to attend the session. An extract from the book for pre-reading will be sent out closer to the time .

Those who attend and participate will also be entered into a prize draw to win the book Uncharted, shown in the image.

This session is free to subscribers of The Staff College and the BALI and WIL Networks. For those wishing to attend who are not subscribers or part of the network, a fee of £30 per person will be required.