COVID-19 Resources

Covid 19 has had a huge impact in UK affecting every aspect of our lives. Changes of rules, laws and practice have taken place due to lock down and social distancing to protect ourselves and reduce the effect of coronavirus spread. This is a challenging time for everyone trying to find a way of adapting to this change; shaping and responding to recovery and a different normality. We have gathered resources to support leaders through the current situation covering different areas of interest.


Article- Read this article from TES written by Steve Munby, Consultant on Leadership and System reform. This article outlines the leading of schools through Covid-19. 

Blog Post – Read this post from The Kings Fund Blog written by Suzie Bailey, Director of Leadership and Organisational Development, also written by Michael West, Leadership and Organisational Development. This blog post discusses compassionate leadership in a crisis. 

Article- Read this article from Disaster Technical Assistance Centre adapted from Zunnin and Myers cited in DeWolfe, D. J., 2000 ‘Training Manual for Mental Health and Human Service Workers in Major Disasters”. This article outlines the phases of disaster in relation to mental health. Click here

Video – Watch this video from The Kings Fund with Prerana Issar, Chief People Officer for the NHS, outlining their response to Covid-19. 

Working with Children and Families

Article – Read this article from RSA written by Laura Dewar, Policy Officer. This article discusses support for single parents.

Article – Read this article from British Psychology Society published by The Division of Clinical Psychology’s Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families.  This article provides advice on talking to children in regards to the crisis.

Article- Read this article from RSA written by Danielle Mason, Director RSA Education. This article outlines the disadvantages of school closure.

Health and Well-being

Blog post- Read this post from Julia Samuel’s Blog, Psychotherapist. This post highlights the pillars of strength.

News Article- Read this news article published by British Psychology Society. This news article outlines the psychological well-being of healthcare staff during the crisis.

Video – Watch this video from World Health Organisation with Aiysha Malik, Mental Health expert at WHO speaking with Sari Setiogi, Head of WHO’s Social Media and Media Monitoring.

Supporting Workplace Learning

Blog Post- Read this post from NESTA blog  written by Beatrice Bekar, Team Coordinator Future of Work, Juan Casasbuenas, Curriculum and Content Manager, and also Genna Barnnett, Assistant Programme Manager Future of Work. This blog post discusses working remotely during crisis.

Publication-  Read this publication from The Kings Fund written by Matthew Rice, Senior Consultant in Leadership Development. This publication outlines the thinking space during the crisis.

Video Resources