Courageous Conversations about Race

Does language shape the way we think and ultimately how we behave, as public leaders? How can you start to see leadership models through the lens of different cultures? Where do you get your knowledge and does what you are taught result in a fixed notion of what leadership looks like, with leaders never really bringing their whole selves to work? Who is – the global majority?

Introducing a three episode podcast “Courageous conversations about Race” where the host, Sherry Malik asks these and other questions. She is talking to three amazing women – Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE, consultant, speaker, coach and author, Kathryn Perera, Director of NHS Horizons, and Jo Davidson, Principal of The Staff College. Together, they are exploring different aspects of race and culture which all of us find difficult to talk about, and search for ways to change the fixed notion of leadership in the west.

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