Lucas Simon

I’m Lucas Simon. I am a Parent and Husband. I come from the North-East of England. I studied the Arts in the form of Film and Photography. I have been a professional Musician in a Rock and Roll band. 

I am enthusiastic about community-based projects which change the lives of people in those communities for the better. I have coached and mentored young people in music and performance, focusing on NEET young people. I have produced documentaries on social inequity and worked on several youth Music, Education and Art projects. 

My working life has been focused on Business-to-Business Sales and Development, Operations and Public Sector Bidding. I like growing business and increasing revenue, and the positive effect that has on working people and the wider community. 

I saw working for The Staff College as being the perfect opportunity to make a positive impact on a great organization. Helping them to grow will increase the wider social impact and create positive change in our community. 

I am pleased to join a Team of great people helping to create a better future.