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Inclusion Book Club: The Gender Bias

Thursday 18 January 2024 between 18.00 to 19.30

This session is open to all associates, coaches and mentors.

The Gender Bias:  Bookclub Meeting

In this book club session we will dive into the topic of women and gender. The Gender Bias, by Doctor Sabrina Cohen-Hatton explores the persistent but seemingly invisible barriers that hold women back.  The author draws on her experience as senior leader in the Fire Service, and her academic foundations in psychology and neuroscience, in what a strongly evidence based and thought provoking book.

The session will be facilitated by Rose Durban and Melani Oliver, from the Women In Leadership Team, as part of the Staff College’s work to explore allyship for women.  We hope to attract a genuine mix of associates – in terms of sex, gender, lived experience and opinions!  Women with experience of a range of discrimination and men who are allies would be especially welcome. 

If you have not read the book, please still feel free to join us as we will hopefully have a productive discussion around the topics discussed.

Bookclub questions

  • What themes and ideas in the book resonated with your own experience and observations?
  • Was there anything you felt seemed different to your own lived experience or observations?
  • What, if anything, surprised you in this book?
  • What are you curious to learn about or explore further as a result of reading the book?
  • What, if anything, will you take from the book to shape your own leadership or other practice?