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Coaching with Creativity (Session led by Sarah Clein & Diana West)

Monday 09 January 2024 between 12:00 to 14:00

Sarah and Di are coaches who are creatives and enjoy using a range of coaching styles and creative techniques in their practice. 

This experiental coaching with creativity session will provide both practical tools and ideas as well as opportunities for reflective practice.

We will explore what we mean by coaching with creativity

We will think about how creative are we (and does this matter)?

We will think about any blocks or resistance that you may have towards using creative tools in your practice 

We will invite you to think about whether there are benefits to bringing creativity to your coaching

We explore our relationship with creativity as coaches and how this may affect the way that we coach. 

We will also share ideas and tools for enabling clients to benefit from the new and different thinking that comes from thinking creatively themselves.