Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) 



Key Dates:

Day 1 &2  19th and 20th January 2022 16th and 17th March 2022 Autumn 2022
Day 3 27th April 2022 23rd June 2022 Autumn/winter 2022

The two days will be structured around the different stages of development of a career from middle to senior leadership. It is designed to provide opportunities for participants to reflect on how the journey can be different for Black and Asian leaders, helping them to take decisions about how they should respond and focus on the added value that Black/Asian leadership can bring.

The aims and objectives are to:

  • Explore some of the key features of successful leadership of Children’s Services at a senior level;
  • Build awareness of the personal and professional challenges associated with being a Black or Asian leader;
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to develop strategies for successfully dealing with these challenges and become a more confident leader;
  • Introduce concepts relating to other styles of leadership from around the world;
  • Consider how Cultural Competence can support improvement for individual leaders, organisations and communities;
  • Inspire authenticity in leadership;
  • Create the opportunity for participants to establish a support network.

A further one day BALI session will take place 11 to 12 weeks after residential. Participants will be expected to complete some work between the two events.

The programme is aimed at experienced middle leaders working in children’s services, who identify themselves as being from a black or minority ethnic background and have the support of the organisation that employs them. An email will be sent to your line manager or other relevant senior officer, when you enter their contact details as part of the application process, asking whether your application is supported. Places are limited and should the programme be oversubscribed, priority will be given to applicants who are able to make the most compelling case for being offered a place.

This will be judged by reference to the following criteria:

  • Your commitment to a career in children’s services
  • Your potential to become a senior leader in children’s services
  • The match between this programme and your own development needs



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Alumni have told us the programme is:

BALI has been an inspiring experience.
BALI experience has been very inspiring, informative, and sense of comfort.
I would 100% recommend this course.
BALI training programme has been absolutely fantastic. It has inspired me and challenged me






Please note this programme is complementary to and does not replace the Aspirant DCS Programme.

Cost: £795.00 (plus vat)

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