Our Mission is to unite, engage, empower and elevate current and prospective BAME leaders. By raising awareness of challenges and to providing support to help overcome negative experiences. We will achieve this by providing members with access to mentoring, coaching and training to assist with continuous learning and growth.

Our Vision is to engage, empower and elevate the true potential of all BAME aspirant and serving leaders. We will achieve this by educating, collaborating, and creating opportunities through our partners and allies.


Our Values

Leadership – inspiring, holistic thinking, participative and emergent.

Diversity– embracing, respecting and acceptance of difference, valuing individual heritages, traditions and cultures.

Unity– Working together to strive for excellence in our practice as leaders of today and tomorrow.

Inclusive– a work environment that makes every employee feel valued while also acknowledging their differences and how these differences contribute to the organisation’s culture and business outcomes


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