Winter Think Tank – booking form

WINTER THINK TANK, 13TH-14TH FEBRUARY 2019, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Leeds City Centre The Staff College is leading a project to re-imagine services for children to 2035 in order to develop leadership tools and approaches that we need today.  The project will build on the ADCS safeguarding pressures research. This Think Tank will consider current and future strategic challenges and will give you the opportunity to explore – and hopefully resolve – your current issues with colleagues. Complete the booking form below to book your place now.

WIL Blog: What’s Worth Hanging Onto?

What’s worth hanging onto? ‘It’s when we stop and think that we rediscover the courage, wit, compassion, imagination, delight, frustration, discovery and devotion that work can provoke…in short all the things at work that do count, beyond measure’ (Margaret Heffernan, ‘Beyond Measure’ 2015) We’ve all experienced big recent changes in our lives and children and young people not least. For most it’s been ‘stay at home’, rather than go to school; online rather than upfront and personal; inside with family rather than out with friends; PE with Joe rather than their teacher in the school hall, and May and Sats, and June and exams dis-aggregated for the first time in years. And for some, it’s worked well: more time within […]