Developing Community Resilience Toolkit: Co-production and changing professional behaviour

This section aims to assist those in leadership roles in children’s services to focus on the culture change needed in councils that wish to foster coproduction, community development and build community resilience. It helps these key personnel to reflect on the past, identify the need for change, create a new vision encompassing coproduction and create the right organisational culture and behaviours to achieve this vision.

Developing Community Resilience Toolkit: Mini ethnographic research

This section explains the rationale behind ethnographic research, giving examples of where it has been used and provides senior staff in councils with the tools to undertake mini ethnographic research through designing and using user insight questionnaires in advance to find out more about the lived experience of residents.

Developing Community Resilience Toolkit: Designing new solutions with residents

This section provides an introduction to service design thinking and provides senior staff in councils with the tools to enable them to work with residents to generate new solutions, including tools for evaluating existing services from the resident perspective, generating new ideas, and for designing, testing and prototyping new solutions

Cues for System Change, November 2016

The idea that underpins the Cues for change is that as policy-makers and those in leadership roles, within the public sector and local government in particular, you must be able and willing to explore the forces that drive change, to anticipate change and to develop an understanding of the possible impact that these changes may have. If leaders are more aware of the bigger picture, the prize is being better able to plan for uncertainty and become more adaptable in meeting change as it happens. The pace of change facing local government is unrelenting. Budget constraints, increasing demand, assessing more complex needs, technological advances, party politics and constitutional reform all create a turbulence and challenge for the public sector. The […]