Department for Education induction seminars

The Staff College, formally known as the Virtual Staff College (VSC) provides a DfE Induction Seminar for recently appointed DCSs. Although primarily aimed at those new to the DCS role, we appreciate that there may be more experienced DCSs who may wish to attend, so we are happy to accommodate any requests from longer serving DCSs also.

Our overarching aim is to provide all Directors, particularly those new to the DCS role, with the opportunity to visit Sanctuary Buildings, familiarise themselves with the structure and workings of the Department, meet senior civil servants and gain a better sense of how policy is determined. We are also including the offer of a short tour of the building for those who have not visited the Department previously.

Opportunities to attend an induction seminar at the DfE during 2017/18 are as follows:

  • 6th February 2018, Sanctuary Buildings, London

To register your interest in attending the above induction seminar, please contact a member of our team at jessica.drummond@thestaffcollege.uk.