14th June 2017
The Leadership Academy – Austerity, demand and resources: towards new public sector provision

14th June 2017, London (rearranged date from 6th December 2016)

Annual, across the board, percentage contraction of resources is no longer sufficient. Challenging times require a radically different approach to public sector provision which reimagines the role and purpose of the local state to enable citizens, businesses, social networks and social sector organisations to play a larger role in producing public welfare outcomes.

This thematic seminar, based around recent research undertaken jointly by the Staff College and RSA, Changing the Narrative: A new conversation between the citizen and the state, will explore the leadership challenges involved building a new relationship between the public sector and the citizens it serves, using case examples of where this “new conversation” has begun to make a real difference.

LA1: ‘Austerity, demand and resources: towards new public sector provision’ Seminar Flyer


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