The Aspirant Directors of Children's Services

The Staff College, in collaboration with NHS Horizons, is pleased to confirm that the application process
for the new national leadership development programme for senior leaders who aspire to a director-level
role in the provision of services to children, young people and families will open on 8th January 2018.

The relationship between state and citizen is changing more rapidly now than for a generation.
Expectations and obligations long familiar to the UK’s citizens, policy makers and service providers
are being reassessed; and the UK is far from being alone.

Changing the Narrative: A new conversation
between the citizen and the State

Bits and Pieces No:5

The fifth in a suite of occasional reports. The views expressed in this publication, although personal, have been
informed by the sessional discussions and thinking generated amongst the participants who attended the Staff
College Summer Think Tank ‘Towards excellence and equity for all: educational innovation in changing times’ on
23rd – 24th August 2016. The Think Tank was attended by 23 senior leaders in children’s services, from local
authorities across England.

This publication proposes a whole systems approach to enhancing the leadership capacity across the
whole system from classroom to policy level as the means of achieving a lasting culture of school-led

Towards a Learning System: a new approach
to raising standards for all in Scottish schools

The Staff College Prospectus 2017 / 2018 coming soon.

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